Field of the White Snow

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Vanessa Blinkly is a frightened ten year old when she moves with her mother to the Rata River Valley, away from the father she loves and the only home she had ever known.

For the next five years, Vanessa struggles to live in the homestead on the knoll with a man who isn’t her father, a boy who isn’t her brother, and a mother who doesn’t seem like her mother anymore.

Liam O’Leary hates the intrusion of the new housekeeper and her brat of a daughter with a stiff bristle brush for a backbone and unusual ways. But when Vanessa returns from school to the Valley in her sixteenth year, the choice Liam makes that November will impact both of their lives for years to come.

From the author of The Watershed comes the long-awaited tale of Vanessa Blinkly, and her love of a crazy black horse, and a man who couldn’t stay to make a difference.

Field of the White Snow – all they needed were forty-eight sunsets.