The List Maker

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Liz Dobson has a plan.
Work hard. Play often. Live the London life.
If she finds a man who checks the boxes on her ‘Hell Yeah’ list, all the better.  After all, how hard can it be to meet a nice, normal guy, with a normal job, and a normal ego to match. The dark hair Adonis at the bar isn’t that man.

Tattoo—Hell No.
Top knot—Hell…Perhaps.
Player—definitely Hell No.
Oh, he could lead her into temptation, but that’s not what she wants or needs. Or is it?

The girl in the silk tunic fascinates AJ Tanner. He tells himself  he’s on an enlightened path, but he hasn’t quite found the signpost.
Things need to change, but maybe change can wait. He decides to wing it.
If he gets the chance, he’ll go for it. If not, no matter.

Eighteen months later, Liz falls in love—with a painting.
Un Beso Imaginado—An Imagined Kiss. The colors and the passion speak to her of desire, need, and possibilities. She wants that painting, but it’s not for sale.

So how does the enigmatic AJ Tanner, accountant by day and charismatic creative by night, get his hands on Un Beso Imaginado?  And who is this artist, Jacobs?

From the author of The Watershed, comes a feel-good novel where the world of business and art collide. An artist ~ a dreamer ~ an imagined kiss

Book One of the standalone Imagined Kiss Series.