The Watershed

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Do you believe love can span more than one lifetime?

On a dry summer’s day in 1977 Rose Churchill, full of shyness and romantic dreams, waits under Rata River Bridge for a young man whose life will be forever altered.

Jessa Reynolds is bound by a cosmic thread to a man she has never met, and drawn to the life of the aunt her family has kept from her. The aunt they never speak of. When the paths of William Cook and Jessa finally cross, he is a well-respected architect in his thirties, she a student of seventeen about to embark on her university studies. His familiarity is beyond her understanding and his conservative and unyielding persona frightens her.

Jessa’s haunting angelic beauty fascinates William. He knows he should stay away, but he can’t resist tiptoeing into her world. It takes Jessa five years before she fully understands the mysteries of the past surrounding William and her aunt Rose—mysteries that may tear her family apart. Will William step over the line drawn for him by Jessa’s grandfather the year she turned eighteen?

Set in New Zealand and spanning four decades, The Watershed is a tale of love lost and forever searched for.

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In Praise of The Watershed

“There is so much to love about this book, it’s wonderfully written, the characters are all believable and enjoyable, the plot has depth and draws you in… It’s definitely much more than a ‘typical’ romance novel and as it progressed it kept getting better – all the way to the end (which is hardly ever my experience). I definitely recommend!”

“The Watershed is an engaging romance with a twist that I couldn’t put down, however didn’t want it to finish. The characters were brought to life, and I missed them when I finished. It is an easy read, well written and thoroughly enjoyable. I highly recommend it…” 

“A cleverly crafted and deeply moving romantic novel, this epic love story inspires the reader reminding us that life is precious and that finding the ‘right’ path is an inherently personal and at times painful journey. The characters are brought to life in a very real way with the seamless transition between their perspectives shedding light on the motivation behind their actions and how these are interpreted by those around them. While reading this book I felt the author tugging at my heart strings, both through the emotions of the main characters and the thought provoking questions asked of them.”