Field of the White Snow

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Vanessa Blinkly is a frightened ten year old when she moves with her mother to the Rata River Valley, away from the father she loves and the only home she had ever known.

For the next five years, Vanessa struggles to live in the homestead on the knoll with a man who isn’t her father, a boy who isn’t her brother, and a mother who doesn’t seem like her mother anymore.

Liam O’Leary hates the intrusion of the new housekeeper and her brat of a daughter with a stiff bristle brush for a backbone and unusual ways. But when Vanessa returns from school to the Valley in her sixteenth year, the choice Liam makes that November will impact both of their lives for years to come.

From the author of The Watershed comes the long-awaited tale of Vanessa Blinkly, and her love of a crazy black horse, and a man who couldn’t stay to make a difference.

Field of the White Snow – all they needed were forty-eight sunsets.

The List Maker

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Liz Dobson has a plan.
Work hard. Play often. Live the London life.
If she finds a man who checks the boxes on her ‘Hell Yeah’ list, all the better.  After all, how hard can it be to meet a nice, normal guy, with a normal job, and a normal ego to match. The dark hair Adonis at the bar isn’t that man.

Tattoo—Hell No.
Top knot—Hell…Perhaps.
Player—definitely Hell No.
Oh, he could lead her into temptation, but that’s not what she wants or needs. Or is it?

The Watershed

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Do you believe love can span more than one lifetime?

On a dry summer’s day in 1977 Rose Churchill, full of shyness and romantic dreams, waits under Rata River Bridge for a young man whose life will be forever altered.

Jessa Reynolds is bound by a cosmic thread to a man she has never met, and drawn to the life of the aunt her family has kept from her. The aunt they never speak of. When the paths of William Cook and Jessa finally cross, he is a well-respected architect in his thirties, she a student of seventeen about to embark on her university studies. His familiarity is beyond her understanding and his conservative and unyielding persona frightens her.

Quote, Unquote

 The List Maker

“The List Maker is well written and a very enjoyable, hard to put down read. The characters are well developed, engaging and real. If you enjoy romance novels, I highly recommend absorbing yourself in The List Maker (it’s easy to do).
Francis, I look forward to your next novel….keep writing!”


“Another fantastic book written by Frances Cowie, a story which draws you in – you wont want to put it down. You feel like you get to know the characters and almost being part of the story yourself. Keep writing Frances cant wait to read another one of your books.”


“There are many things to love about this book, AJ is one of them… I found his man bun and sense of humor very enjoyable, his connection with Liz was hot and filled with just the right amount of tension to keep me enthralled throughout. I liked all the little connections to New Zealand, the most significant being the nature of the characters – they felt more realistic and earthy to me than a lot of characters I’ve come across in others books. An all round feel-good read!”


The Watershed

“A cleverly crafted and deeply moving romantic novel, this epic love story inspires the reader reminding us that life is precious and that finding the ‘right’ path is an inherently personal and at times painful journey. The characters are brought to life in a very real way with the seamless transition between their perspectives shedding light on the motivation behind their actions and how these are interpreted by those around them. While reading this book I felt the author tugging at my heart strings, both through the emotions of the main characters and the thought provoking questions asked of them.”


“I loved it! This is a book I simply couldn’t put down and would recommended it to adult readers regardless of age. The characters were very real and I visualized them from start to finish – it played out like a well cast movie!”


“There is so much to love about this book, it’s wonderfully written, the characters are all believable and enjoyable, the plot has depth and draws you in… It’s definitely much more than a ‘typical’ romance novel and as it progressed it kept getting better – all the way to the end (which is hardly ever my experience). I definitely recommend!”